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Membership Type Who is Eligible? Amount
Developing Professional Open to anyone enrolled as a student in a program of clinical laboratory studies.  Join/Renew: $30+$5
(per state)
Ascending Professional Open to any eligible individual within five years of graduation from a program of clinical laboratory studies. Join: $70+$10 (per state)

Renew: $60+$10 (per state) 
Professional Open to all persons certified or engaged in the practice and/or education process of clinical laboratory science, including those with an active interest in supporting the purposes and goals of this society. Includes primary benefits plus the award-winning journal Clinical Laboratory Science. International members must join in this member category. Join: $135+$20 (per state)

Renew: $120+$20 (per state) 
Emeritus Open to any individual who has been a professional member of ASCLS and whose age and years of continuous professional membership are equal to or greater than 90. If you think you qualify, please email Join/Renew: $30+$5 (per state)
Community Community membership is open to all persons. However, they are NOT eligible for member discounts for ASCLS national events and do NOT count towards continuous professional membership in the society, which is used for eligibility for emeritus membership status. Community members cannot hold office or vote in ASCLS elections. Join: $87

Renew: $72 
Customer This is for anyone purchasing products at non-member rates, such as registering for events or signing into to purchase CE products. n/a

Becoming a sustaining member:

Sustaining Membership is a status that can be added to ANY professional membership category. By adding $100 annually to your membership, you further support ASCLS's mission and vision to advance the field of clinical laboratory science.

Please note: The ASCLS membership year runs from August 1 through July 31. Memberships are non-refundable.

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