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EXPO Registration

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EXPO Title: 2024 ELMC2 Partner Engagement
EXPO Description: The Emerging Laboratory Managers Collaborative Conference (ELMC2) is specifically designed for laboratory professionals to help them transition to, or more effectively lead in, management - whether they are laboratory professionals pressed into management without any training, someone who aspires to join the ranks of management, or an experienced manager who just wants a refresher.
EXPO Title: CLEC 2024 Partner Engagement
EXPO Description:
Educators are the first and most impactful influencers on future professionals. The Clinical Laboratory Educators Conference is the single largest gathering of clinical laboratory educators with more than 600 attendees each year. With the option for attendees to attend either in-person or virtually, we anticipate larger than normal attendance. Participants include a critical mass of thought leadership from hospital and college/university-based educational programs for clinical laboratory scientists, clinical laboratory technicians, Masters, PhD, and DCLS-level programs, including department chairs, program directors, faculty members, education coordinators, clinical coordinators, and advisers.

Educators and industry have mutual interest in advancing and impacting the profession. In partnership, laboratory science educators and industry both bring value to an environment of learning, creativity, and innovation. The goals of our 40th annual conference include enhancing instructional skills, developing innovative teaching techniques, and identifying trends and strategies to manage the changing profession.