Risk Assessor ONLINE Course

 Risk Assessor ONLINE Course
Take this 4.0 P.A.C.E. contact hours course and learn why Next Generation Risk Management > Basic QC Statistics. Implement the First Big Breakthrough in Clinical Laboratory QC In 30 Years! This self-directed university-level online course is available to you for up to one year after purchase. Comply with CLSI EP23-A and CMS IQCP and reduce patient risk at the same time!

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M.O.R.E. Quality is a new perspective and process for valid laboratory quality control that has been proven to reduce existing error rates by up to 50%. M.O.R.E. Quality goes beyond basic QC. Think about the patients- what it would mean to them to eliminate results that are medically unreliable. Significantly reduced extra testing and missed diagnoses, and the costs associated with them! Reduced risk overall. Everybody wins.

Zoe Brooks, ART presents:

M.O.R.E. Quality (Mathematically-Optimized Risk Evaluation):
Enhances, does not replace, basic statistical QC and sigma;
Provides valid, clear, consistent guidance to meet your defined quality standards and acceptable risk levels;
Goes beyond sigma to create detailed risk metrics, evaluations, and recommendations to guide staff;
Recommends and verifies a consistent QC process to meet your approved goals;
Quantifies the existing risk and cost of quality failures;
Projects clinical and financial benefits of M.O.R.E. Quality;
Removes most human error from basic QC

Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to:
1. Evaluate acceptability of patient risk.
2. Ensure test result quality is appropriate for clinical use.
3. Validate the ability of the QC procedures to detect medically allowable error.
4. Assess risk both in terms of the patient's well-being and financial liability.

Level of instruction:
Basic: no knowledge of quality control concepts or statistics is required.

This university-level online course includes:
Online course enrollment
Discussion forums
References and videos
Self-tests and feedback polls
Competency examination
Certificate with 4.0 P.A.C.E. contact hours

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