MLS/MLT Student Bowl Games, 3rd Edition

 MLS/MLT Student Bowl Games, 3rd Edition
New 3rd Edition! ASCLS-Illinois has updated and improved this popular, computerized, Jeopardy-style format for Student Bowl games. This 3rd edition offers combined games for the MLT and MLS levels.

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Toula Castillo, editor

This product includes 8 games, instructions, answers to all questions and the template to enter your own questions and create your own games. Games can be played by individuals or teams. Players select a category & point value (5, 10 or 20 points) - then must correctly respond to the question to earn the points. This is a fun way to review for certification exams! It can also be used for Medical Laboratory Professionals Week activities!

Winner of the 2002 ASCLS Theriot Award for creativity in education. This product is formatted with Microsoft PowerPoint, but this software is not required for this product to function on your computer.

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